Six Sigma Consultancy
delhi six sigma trainingWith over 35 man years of experience in business consulting, we are a team lending consultancy to our Clients in the field of business process modeling/ management. We also help our customers in applying the six sigma concepts in their business to improve their customer relations, improve quality and reduce the cost of the business process.

What we do
We study the business process of our Client. The basic problems that the Client faces are enumerated and the problems that have direct impact on the operating margin. These problems are then diagnosed. The basic statement of the problem is worked out. GA Services helps the Client to deploy various measurement standards in the organization. We firmly believe that something that cannot be measured cannot be improved. The results obtained from the measurement standards are then analyzed to study the trends in the results. Advanced statistics is used to analyze the results obtained thereof.

After the analysis of the results, GA Services would suggest improvements in the existing process. It helps the organization in coping with the changes that would take place in the organization because of deploying of the new standards. This would include both the technical as well as the organizational changes that might take place.

The scope of work for GA Serviced does not stop here. We also help our Clients in controlling the process and organizational variables in such a way that the improvements obtained by the deployment of the new standards.

GA can help you with six sigma in 3 broad ways

DFSS: This is an acronym for “Design for Six Sigma”. This technique is used for the design and introduction of new products and services for the customers. This would include the gathering the customer requirement and converting them into products or services.

DMADV: This is an acronym for “Define-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify”. This technique is used for poorly performing existing process and procedures. The existing process is studied and a new process is designed to replace it.

DMAIC: This is an acronym for “Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control”. This is the most common application of Six Sigma. This technique is used for the existing processes that do not require any redesigning but requires improvements.

Six Sigma Mentoring

We also undertake Six Sigma Mentoring wherein our Clients can call us at any hour convenient to them and we would have a Six Sigma black belt ready to answer his doubts.