Six Sigma Training Program Details
The Six Sigma training is carried out at four levels.

Six Sigma Champion: This level is meant for the CEOs and the other top officials of the organization. This is a two day training program wherein the audience is given an overview of the Six Sigma principles and how it can be used to bring about the changes in their organizations.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Training introduces the fundamentals of Six Sigma to individual process owners and operators who can then act as team members on Six Sigma projects. Not only do these Yellow Belts gain the skills necessary to identify, monitor and control profit-eating practices in their own processes, but they are also prepared to feed that information to Black Belts and Green Belts working on larger system projects.

Six Sigma Green Belt: This level is meant for the working level people in your organizations. This level of six sigma training prepares your work force to undertake the six sigma projects. This level provides them with the basic knowledge about Six Sigma and also acquaints them with the basic tools which are used for Six Sigma deployment.

Six Sigma Black Belt: This level is meant for the team leaders who are supposed to lead the six sigma projects. Normally there should be one or two black belts in each organization. Black Belt training is very intensive and trains a person with all the skills required for carrying out a six sigma project. This includes training for statistics involved in six sigma deployment. As a bonus, we also impart training for Minitab, leading statistic software used extensively for six sigma.

Why we are different from others

Here are some of the traits that make GA Services the best choice for Six Sigma trainings and consultancy for your organization.

We Drive Business Results for Our Clients
Our success is driven by our customer’s success. We strive to drive business results for our clients by providing the best training, consulting services, project level support and technology to help our client achieve their goals. We create the required business fit to drive ultimate results and success.

Strong Six Sigma and Project Management Foundation
Our founders are Six Sigma and Project Management practitioners with experience in handling real time projects. They have built a company dedicated for providing training and consultancy.

Single Source for Training and Consulting
GA Services offer all of the required training, consulting, and other support services to launch and sustain the long term benefits of a Six Sigma and Project Management deployment.

Full Time Employee Model
Over 95% of our training and consulting services are delivered by full time employees, not contractors. While this may not be the lowest cost business model, we believe it is the best model because it ensures consistency, repeatability and the continuous availability of qualified resources to meet your needs.

100% Customer Satisfaction
We ensure that our offerings will be valuable. Incase you are not satisfied with our trainings we will be happy to conduct them again free of cost. We want effective use of your money.

Training ProgramsTraining Programs

Check our training programs to see how we can help you.

Champions: For higher level officials to know how to drive their organizations towards Six Sigma.
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Yellow Belt: An awareness course for any level of your employee to get ready on Six Sigma.
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Green Belt: The course specially meant for the working level people in your organizations.
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Black Belt: This level is meant for the team leaders who are supposed to lead the six sigma projects.
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